Whenever business owners or homeowners discover a pest infestation they always have thousands of different questions. Whether it is rodents, critters, flies, bed bugs, cockroaches, or termites, they all think about the possibilities of these pests getting inside their property. This is because they are caught unawares by these pests, which is due to a lack of knowledge about proper pest control measures. This is the reason why regular pest control is recommended, since it ensures you never have to deal with uninvited pests in your home or office.

It is important that you acquire the services of professional pest control experts, who will not only implement the right strategies, but teach you the best way to prevent pest infestations. Regular pest control solutions can be a gamechanger for dealing with all types of pest infestations, and here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in them:

  • Regular inspections ensure that you deal with pest problems before they become major issues that are costly.
  • Pest control experts can prevent major pest infestations by blocking entry points for pests.
  • The pest control professionals can deal with pest infestations you didn’t know about.
  • You can enjoy a pest free property throughout the year.

One of the most common misconceptions people have about pest infestations is that since they have never experienced pest problems they won’t in the future as well. That is the wrong way to think, since pests can always get into homes or offices where the conditions suit them. It doesn’t have anything to do with cleanliness, since even the cleanest property can fall victim to a pest infestation.

Sometimes, you won’t even realize it, but there would be an entire generation of pests crawling and creeping around your home or office without you finding them out. This is one of the main reasons why regular pest control is recommended for homeowners and businesses. If you’re not sold on regular pest control solutions, here are a few reasons that it might be a good idea to start now:

You’re unable to Do-It-Yourself

There are lots of homeowners and business owners, who think that they know their own property best, and can easily handle any pest infestation through do-it-yourself treatments. This may seem like a good idea on paper, but it never really delivers the right results, since you will not be able to get rid of the pest problem for good. There is a reason professional pest control services exist, and that is because they remove pest infestations from your property, and prevent future infestations.

Pests carry serious health threats

You may not realize it but most pests can cause serious health risks, since some of them carry diseases and bacteria. Most public health officials agree that the current standard of clean living is based on three main criteria, which include:

  • Cutting-edge medications and vaccines
  • Top-notch sanitation
  • Vastly improved pest control measures

The most common types of pests, which include mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents carry diseases, which can be transferred to humans through various means.

  • Ticks carry Lyme disease, which causes flu-like symptoms
  • Rats and mice carry the fatal disease Hantavirus, which can kill humans
  • Mosquitoes carry different diseases from Zika to the West Nile Virus

This is the reason, why effective and regular pest control is necessary, since pests can cause serious health threats to humans.

Keeping food healthy and safe

Pest control is important for commercial and residential properties, because pests can contaminate food easily. Businesses that are in the food service industry, need to deal with pests like rodents and cockroaches. Homeowners must deal with pests like house ants, and moths, which can get into the pantry and ruin your favorite food.

Pests can also damage vegetables and fruits in your garden, and since most of them carry diseases, they will contaminate any food they come into contact with. This is the reason why regular pest control is so important, since it helps you keep your food healthy and safe.

Prevent damage to belongings and property

Most pests that end up invading your home or office will do for food, especially wood-faring bugs like carpenter ants, and termites, which can tear your property apart. These pests are difficult to catch, since they hide in your walls, and can completely destroy the foundations of your property before they are found. Then there are pests like silverfish and carpet beetles, which are attract to fibers, and will eat away on your towels, blankets, clothing, and couches.

This is where regular pest control can be a lifesaver, since not only will it prevent damage to belongings, but also to your property as well.

Stress-Free Living

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should consider regular pest control is because it will allow you to live stress-free without worrying about any kind of pest wreaking havoc on your property. Although, you do have to make sure that you acquire the services of a professional pest control expert like Green Pest Services, which serves homeowners and businesses in Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Should you acquire professional help to treat your house for pests?

There are thousands of questions that pop into every homeowner or business owner’s mind whenever there is a pest infestation on their property. The first reaction is bewilderment or disbelief as how these pests managed to get inside the property and create so much havoc. The second thing that goes through their mind is whether they can deal with the problem on their own, or do they need the help of professionals to get rid of this pest problem.

Most homeowners consider themselves experts in dealing with pests, and will try to deal with the problem themselves, instead of acquiring the services of professional pest control experts. This tends to cause more problems, since they don’t have the right tools, expertise, and experience in successfully dealing with the infestation, eradicating the pests, and preventing future infestations.

This is where the professional pest control experts can make a big difference, since they will not only remove the infestation from your property, but will also ensure that you don’t need to worry about it in the future as well. Regular pest control ensures that no bugs or pests will be able to successfully nest on your property.

How do I decide the frequency of pest control?

This is where most homeowners and business owners tend to lose the plot, since they don’t know when to call in the experts for help. It is advised that you bring them in for a consultation, and let them decide about the frequency of pest control treatments for your property. Keep in mind that this depends on the type of property, the size of the property, and the location of the property as well.

Once the pest control professionals have evaluated every corner of your property, they will have a comprehensive understanding about current infestations, and possible infestations in the future. They will design a schedule for pest control treatment, which will be designed to deal with current infestations and prevent future infestations.

How often should I have a pest control treatment?

The frequency of your pest control treatments, depend on the type of infestation you are dealing with, and the location of your property. If your property attracts common pests like silverfish and cockroaches, you should consider a bi-monthly service. You should obviously check with your pest control expert before deciding on any pest control treatment on your home. You should also know that every pest infestation is different, but the best way to save money on pest control treatments is to prevent them outright.

Acquiring the services of a professional pest control service will add greater convenience into your life, since you can take advantage of their expertise in dealing with pest infestations of all manners. Most pest control experts will recommend a checkup after every other month, which will allow you to keep track of all possible pest infestations on your property. Make sure that your pest control expert is looking at common pests like wasps, earwigs, silverfish, crickets, ants, spiders, and cockroaches during their bi-monthly checkup.

The type of products being used by the pest control experts will also play a role in determining how often you should have a pest control treatment. At Green Pest Services, we provide green pest control solutions, using products that are 100% safe for the environment. Therefore, a bi-monthly service is suitable if you acquire our services, since our products don’t harm the environment.

Why choose the bi-monthly pest control service?

One of the main reasons, why you should opt for bi-monthly pest control services is because most pesticides are only good till up to two months once they have been distributed. Therefore, a bi-monthly pest control treatment solution, ensures that your property has complete protection against any kind of pests throughout the year. The great thing is that after the first few bi-monthly pest control services, most of the pests in your home will be eliminated. You can then start implementing preventive measures to ensure that no pests can break in and nest on your property.

Another major reason why bi-monthly pest control services are recommended, is because you can take advantage of free consultations and re-treatments in-between services. If you notice a pest infestation, after your property has been treated, you can call in the pest experts and they will send over a team of technicians to deal with that problem without charging you. Therefore, you get a pest control service whenever you want, or whenever you notice a pest infestation.

This is where the bi-monthly pest infestation solution is better than the one-time treatment, since it isn’t a temporary solution. It ensures that you can rest easy knowing that even in the event of an infestation breaking out on your property, you have experts, who can deal with it immediately.

What about your other pest control options?

The most common pest control option homeowners tend to employ is the Do-It-Yourself pest control procedure, which means that you must do all the hard work. You will not only have to purchase all the pest control products from the store, but must also know how to use them effectively. You should also know that commercial pest control products are better and work more efficiently, than any pest control product you purchase from over the counter hardware stores.

You can try to handle a pest infestation on your own, by not spending much on pest control products or the necessary tools. However, it won’t solve your problem, and a few weeks or a month later you will be dealing with the same problem again. So, you will not only be wasting your time, but also money on products that don’t work effectively to eliminate pests.

Get regular pest service today!

If you’re sick and tired of pest control infestations on your property, you should consider acquiring the services of a professional pest control service. It will allow you to acquire regular pest control services, along with the expertise of a certified, and licensed pest control technician. Your homes and offices are an investment that must be protected, and that is where regular pest services become a game changer in terms of keeping the value of property high, and ensures customers keep coming back.

Here are 5 more reasons why you should consider regular pest control services, and how it is a gamechanger for dealing with all types of pest infestations:

  1. Regular pest control helps protect your property from structural damage
  2. You can prevent pest infestations before they even occur
  3. Reduce the amount of times annoying pests get into your property.
  4. Remove biting insects in and around your property
  5. Attain peace of mind and never worry about pest infestations again.

If you are looking for regular pest control services in Virginia and the surrounding areas, get in touch with Green Pest Services today!