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Conducive Conditions: What Can You Do to Protect Yourself from Pests?

Damp Drawbacks

Pests need moisture to thrive. So, when water from your roof pools around the foundation of your home, you’re at risk of encountering more pest-issues. Make sure your downspouts are properly draining and that no debris is blocking/clogging the water flow in any nearby drains you may have. Pooling water not only leads to more pests but can sometimes leak into your home or flood your basement, causing expensive damage to your residence. Help us help you stay pest free and take precautions against these damp drawbacks. 

Leaves and Vegetation

Fallen foliage and leaves collected on the ground of your property can act as insulation against the cold weather, making it a prime spot for pests to hide. Remember to try to remove such piles from the ground to prevent an insect party from forming by your home. These leaves can also block our pest control treatments from effectively reaching the critters if left unattended.

Utility Gaps

In the world of pest control, prevention is key! Infestations can cause a grave amount of devastation and can be costly, so it is important to be vigilant in order to stop pest problems before they begin. Mice can squeeze through holes as small as a quarter and insects will gravitate towards the warmth and shelter of your home, finding any small crack to wriggle their way into your life. To help prevent this check the utilities around your home, such as hose taps, electrical boxes, and dryer vents, for gaps or cracks that could lead into your home. Sealing these entry points can help ensure you don’t fall pretty to a pest infestation!

A Haven for Pests

Collecting wood for your fireplace in the winter is great! Cuddling up by the fire with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate and a blanket is one of the highlights of snowy weather. But that collection of logs can potentially cause you some problems and as the weather begins to warm up, this problem intensifies. Wood piles are like a haven for pests. Whether its insects or rodents, the pile provides shelter and warmth, inviting pests to come gather and build nests or homes, so it is important to take the proper precautions to prevent these pests from finding their way into your home. Wood piles should be moved to a location at least 30 feet from your home if possible. This will deter any pests that gather in that wood haven from entering your home and disrupting your life. 

Stay dry, stay secure, stay warm and stay pest-free!