Spring has sprung! With the delights of the warmer weather also comes a long to-do list for homeowners. One of the important benefits of spring yard cleanup is that it helps protect your home from pesky springtime invaders.

Here are 4 important tips for spring cleaning on the outside of your home to help keep bugs from invading your indoor space:

  1. Eliminate standing water

    Water is probably the number one problem when it comes to attracting bugs. All sorts of insects will be drawn to moisture in your yard and around your home, and all it takes is a bottle-cap-sized amount of water for them to lay eggs in. Mosquitoes are especially drawn to water, and will leave eggs to hatch later in the summer. Remove even small amounts of standing water, and make sure to fix any leaky spigots or other leaking pipes outside as well.

  2. Rake leaves and clean up debris

    Piles of wet leaves or any other debris are the perfect breeding ground for pests. Mulch beds are especially attractive to many insects. If you have piles of firewood or brush, make sure they are far from your home and try to keep them as free from other debris, such as leaves, as possible. Areas where you have thick foliage provide the perfect cover and moisture level for many pests as well, so a thorough clean up will help clean unwanted bugs out.

  3. Trim trees, shrubs, and weeds

    If you have any trees or other shrubbery that are touching your house, be sure to trim them. A good 6-10 inches between your greenery and your home is recommended. If there are any weeds near the foundation of your home, try to get them removed. Not only do they provide cover for insects who can find the tiniest of cracks to enter your home, weeds can provide a shield so that pest control technicians can’t accurately assess potential problems. Also take care to trim ivy or vines that may be growing on your home, as bugs love to hide in them.

  4. Do home repairs

    Do you have any rotting wood on the outside of your home? Wood is very porous and retains moisture well, resulting in the perfect atmosphere in which bugs survive and breed. Skylights and chimneys are also places that may have moisture problems that invite pest problems. Eaves, shutters, and vents may be harboring insects as well. Make sure to clean out all rain gutters, as the moist debris that collects in them is extremely attractive to pests.

After you’ve done all your spring cleanup, it’s still important to call the professionals so that they can apply a preventative barrier around your home’s entry points. No matter how thorough you are at keeping your yard and home clean, pests can still find ways inside your home. Your home’s best protection this spring (and all year long) is through partnering your efforts with the experts at Green Pest Control. Call us today.