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Pests in Virginia

It is a fact that pests, such as insects and rodents, are a danger to your home and family. Keeping them away from the inside of your home and around your yard can seem like a year round, uphill battle. Often times, when pests invade, they do it quietly. Most homeowners are unaware of an infestation till the problem is severe. Which pests should you be on the lookout for? Which ones are common in your Virginia neighborhood? Here are a few you should watch out for:


There are few places on the planet that are not afflicted with ants and Virginia is no different. The common ones you might find are:

  • Odorous ants: These ants are small and dark brown or black. They are also known as sugar ants and when crushed, they emit a smell similar to rotten coconuts.
  • Pavement ants: You might see these ants outside in a huge mass between the cracks in your pavement. They also create volcano-like mounds in the dirt as entrances to their underground colony.
  • Carpenter ants: This ant variety is very destructive. It typically infests within the walls of your home, chewing through the wooden supports. They can do great damage to the structural integrity of your house so professional ant control is a must.


Mosquitoes are most prevalent in the spring, summer and fall, when the air is moist and damp. They lay their eggs in standing water, which can be readily found after a Virginia rainstorm. Once they hatch, this means a feeding frenzy whenever you go outside to work in your flower beds or enjoy a nice backyard barbeque. Green Pest Services can easily and safely treat the areas around your home for mosquito infestations.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs have been bothering Virginians almost as long as the state of Virginia has existed. It seemed as if bed bugs had been eradicated for awhile and people stopped worrying about them. But in recent years as tourism has increased from other countries and as less effective treatment solutions have been used, the bed bug population has surged, making them one of the most feared pests today. Green Pest Services uses only the most effective bed bug control methods, which are safe for your family but fatal for bed bugs.

Carpet Beetles

This beetle is black and brown patterned and feeds on natural fibers and particles. They are called carpet beetles for a reason, they love wool fibers from rugs and carpets. They also have an affinity to stuffed animals, feathers, human hair, leather books, silk and more. They can do damage to these products so pest control is necessary.

For all Virginia pests, Green Pest Services is here for you

When you need pest control in Fairfax and surrounding areas, Green Pest Services has you covered. We offer environmentally friendly, non-toxic pest control treatments that will be safe around your family, yet effective at removing the infestation quickly. To keep your home and family protected, year round pest inspections are key. Call us today to schedule an appointment.