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How to Keep Mice Out of Your Car

Mice in your car

When it comes to rodent control in your home, it is a year round battle. Keeping them out of your garage, shed and house is vital to the safety of your family as well as protecting your greatest assets. Green Pest Services offers year round rodent inspections to ensure that your home stays 100% rodent free. But did you know that there is another asset you will need to protect too? Your car. Yes, rodents can infest your car just like they can infest your home. They see your car as a fortress from the cold, rainy and snowy months ahead. There are many nooks and crannies they can hide in. When rodents get into your car, the damage they can potentially cause may cost you thousands of dollars.

How do they get in?

Your vehicle has many entrances inside, especially for a mouth. Crawling up through the bottom, they could easily get under the hood and cause problems. Any vents, holes around cables, pedal shafts or steering columns are easy access into your vehicle. You may be unaware that rodents are even inside for awhile because when your car is on the road, they will most likely hunker down and keep still.

What damage can they cause?

Rodents in your car can cause a myriad of problems. First of all, just their urine and feces can create quite a stench. Their excrement is also where many rodent transmitted diseases are carried such as hantavirus or leptospirosis so having that near you or your children in the car is quite dangerous since those diseases can be deadly. Rodents also love to chew through things. Their jaws are quite strong making it easy for them to chew through any cables or wires. This is a disaster in your vehicle because these wires and cables keep your car running. Repairs can be quite costly.

Time to rodent proof your vehicle

Your vehicle gets parked in a number of places throughout the day so rodent proofing isn’t a guarantee but there are things you can do to deter them.

  • Always keep your windows rolled up
  • Keep your car clean. Crumbs and “rodent snacks” all over your seats and floor are just what they are looking for.
  • Park away from foliage piles. Rodents live in the dense leaf piles and shrubs.
  • Rodent proof your garage. If your garage is infested with rodents, your car will soon be as well.
  • Keep water and condensation out of your car. Rodents need water and will be attracted to your vehicle.

If you find rodent droppings in your car, this is a bad sign. Call Arlington Green Pest Services today and we can remove them. We specialize in keeping your home, garage and anywhere else rodents infest, completely pest free. Call us today!