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Battling Rodents. Be Armed and Ready.

Manassas, Virginia is known as the site of the legendary Battle of Bull Run from the American Civil War. More than 900,000 people visit Manassas National Battlefield Park on a yearly basis to view where President Jackson earned his famous nickname of “Stonewall”.

On a smaller scale, another war is being waged against your home. At any given time, pests could be looking for an entrance into the warmth and shelter of your house. You have two choices when battling the rodents that seek to overtake your home. Fight back or…

Your friends at Green Pest Services are ready to bolster your ranks. We provide you with the most complete pest control services around, armed and ready to defend your home, family, and pets against damage causing and potentially dangerous intruders.

With us in your arsenal, you can stonewall those rodents before breakfast.

Devastation of mice infestations

Mice are villainous pests, destroying, devouring, and ruining most everything in their path. They can chew through walls, damage wiring, and get into food boxes, bags and containers to eat and then leave droppings.

The diseases spread via mouse droppings are life threatening and infestations should be taken care of quickly. A family of 6 mice can quickly multiply into 60 mice within just 3 months. Time is of the essence and especially when it comes you your home.

Calling Green Pest Services immediately will stop further damage before it is too late.

Prevent the destruction

Mice invade 21 million homes annually. That’s 18% of all of the homes in United States. Luckily, there are ways to prevent their intrusion so your home does not become part of that statistic.

Mice make their homes in stacks of firewood, untrimmed grasses, shrubs, thickets and debris piles. Keeping wood and grass piles at least 20 feet from your home, as well as trimming grass and weeds down close to the exterior, will deter mice from invading your yard and populating too close to your house.

Calling Green Pest Services for regular inspections will also make sure mice are not finding cracks and holes in the outside of your home to squeeze into. Sealing these entrances is of the utmost importance as mice can breed and spread under your foundation without ever showing themselves.

If an infestation is found, you won’t have to worry about exposure to your family from harmful chemicals. Our treatments are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Give yourself complete peace of mind. Call us today and keep your home protected!