The movies, especially cartoons, always make mice look sweet, fluffy and adorable, almost always the victims trying to survive in the human world. And yes, in a domesticated scene, they can look precious, but don’t let them fool you. In the food chain, mice serve their purposes but when it comes to your home and the damages they can cause, there is nothing precious or cuddly about it. Mice can chew holes through walls, concrete, boxes, plastic, and then straight through your wallet. Infestations are costly and when it comes to rodent control, your house is worth it. Protect your investment and your family from mice infestations by calling Green Pest Services for routine inspections.

Where they infest

In the outdoors mice nest in grasses, shrubs, wood piles, and thickets so keeping things clean and tidy around your home will deter them from infesting your yard. When colder weather comes and these mice are nesting close to your home, they will soon seek refuge in a warmer place…like the walls of your home, your garage, or your shed to wait out the winter. Getting into your home is easier than you think. Mice can squeeze through holes no more than a quarter inch in size. Unbeknownst to you, you may have many entrance points this size around your home. Mice seek after heat sources in the winter and these small opening are just their ticket to a comfortable, safe nesting spot.

Dangers of an infestation

If you’ve found an infestation in or around your home, quick rodent control is paramount. Rodents transmit a variety of extremely harmful diseases. Hantavirus for instance, is quite deadly and transmitted through their droppings. Exposure is dangerous to yourself and family members. Protecting your household from these infestations will not only save you money from costly rodent destruction but also safeguard your family from fatal rodent transmitting diseases. Repairing the damage rodents cause amounts to millions of dollars per year annually in the US. Sealing your home ensures that you won’t be spending money recovering damaged property.

Call in the experts

Green Pest Services promises not only complete rodent removal but prevention from rodent infestation in the future. Our expert technicians remove the problem and do it safely. Replacing rodents with toxic chemicals in your home doesn’t exactly give you peace of mind. We are dedicated to bringing you safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly rodent control that will set your worries at ease. We look forward to serving you, call us today!