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Invasions from the Insidious Ugly

Whether in your home or outside enjoying the sun, you will come across a lot of insects. With over 950,000 different species of insect, they represent the most diverse group of critters you can run into. With so many kinds of bugs, there are going to be some ugly critters wanting to move in with you. Here are some ugly insect pests you might find in and around your home brought to you by your friends at Green Pest Control.

European Earwig


Before your ears begin to itch, the idea that earwigs while climb into your ear to lay eggs is a myth. You can pull out your earbuds and breathe a sigh of relief. Still though, when you see earwigs you can’t help notice those large pincers. If you grab an earwig, they can deliver a pinch, but it won’t hurt you very much. The problem with earwigs is how they can ruin your flowers and vegetable garden. If you find them in your home, they can transmit diseases from bathroom floors to your countertops.

House Centipede


What has 30 legs and runs all over? With all those long legs, the house centipede resembles an insect pin cushion and has caused many people to run for the nearest implement of insect death. House centipedes know how to run; they can move their bodies up walls and across your kitchen tile faster than you can find a fly swatter. The most common places to find them are in your kitchen, basement and bathroom. If disturbed, they can deliver a bite that will be as painful as a bee sting.

The Cellar Spider


If you hate spiders, an infestation of cellar spiders will make you run in terror. They have long spindly legs and if you get close to their web, they may begin to bounce around in agitation. They love dark, undisturbed areas and your basement it one their favorite spots. While not known to bite people, their presence can ruin any game night.

Green Pest Control

No matter what type of insect has invaded your home, the professionals with Green Pest Control can help. Our courteous technicians are pest elimination experts. When we treat ugly pest invasions we do it with the safety of you, your family and the environment in mind. When you call Green Pest Control, your insect issues will soon be solved.