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I Know Insects Older Than You

When you think of insect lifespans, your mind might immediately go to wintertime and how all the bugs you see in the summer are gone. Most insects die off when the weather gets cold. There are a few that hibernate, like flies and ladybugs, and they will last through the winter. Once it warms up they come out of hibernation, but that means their maximum lifespan is a few months over a year. There are insects that live much, much longer.

The Queen of the Termites:

Little insect, termite white ant

A termite queen is the life of a termite colony and she can live up to 15 years. She can produce an egg every three seconds, which means that over the span of her life, she will have around 150 million offspring. Imagine planning a family party for that many children. Her body becomes an egg factory and she loses the ability to walk. Worker termites feed, clean and take care of her, but she will never leave her room. Hopefully she has Netflix.



When cicadas hatch, you can hear them. They are among the loudest of all insects. They only last anywhere from two to four weeks as adults. Their life underground is a different story. As a fat little grub, the cicada will spend 17 years under the dirt digging tunnels and living off of tree sap. When the 17 years is up, all of the cicadas hatch at the same time. In some regions there will be billions of loud, chirping adult cicadas. At least it only lasts a few weeks.

Splendour Beetles:


With bright metallic colors, these beetles are also known as jewel bugs. These flashy beetles live for years as a grub inside of trees. Some, like the emerald ash borer, have caused countless tree deaths. There are species of splendor beetle that live as a larva for more than 30 years. You read right, more than 30 years. In fact, there was report by a man that said a beetle emerged from his wooden house 47 years after the timber was cut.

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