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If You Blink, You Might Miss… Its Whole Life

You already know that you will enjoy a longer life than any insect. There are some bugs that have to live life really quick, because they just don’t have enough time. Here are some of the shortest insect lifespans brought to you by your friends at Green Pest Services. If you blink, you might miss them.



    You might hate how they buzz around your home and try to land on your food. If you go to a different room, they seem to follow you. If you don’t have the speed to eliminate them with a fly swatter, don’t worry the pesky fly will be dead in a few weeks. Houseflies only live three to four weeks, yet in that time they can lay over 1,000 eggs.

    Drone Ants:

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    If you have ever battles hordes of ants with your vacuum and wondered where they all keep coming from, well for a queen ant, drones are cheap. They are only built to live two to three weeks. You shouldn’t feel bad; at least their entire life is planned out for them. Their entire purpose is to leave the nest find a suitable princess ant, hook up and then die.



    Without doubt, the winner of the shortest life span goes to the adult mayfly. Once it hatches out of the water, it has 24 hours to live. That’s right, one day. In the time it takes you to go to work, eat dinner and tuck the kids in for bed, a mayflies life is over. In that 24 hour period they have to learn to fly, find a girl, dance a bit and start a family. They have short lives, but they do a lot in those few hours. When mayflies hatch it is in the billions. In Wrightsville Pennsylvania, mayfly hatchings have been so numerous that bridges have been shut down. They have even used snow plows to scrape the mayflies off the road.

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