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A trail worth the hike!

The Billy Goat Trail is a fun, well-known hiking trail that runs along the Potomac River near Gaithersburg. Hikers flock to the famous trail, known for its overlooks that showcase beautiful views of the Potomac. With great weather and good pair of boots, The Billy Goat Trail is a wonderful experience for all those who visit Gaithersburg, especially the spiders.
The black widow is a spider native to the Gaithersburg area that can poison and cause harm to their victims. Widows are cobweb spiders that prefer cool, shaded areas to build their webs and catch prey. They mostly build outdoors, but have been known to take refuge in cool basements, both residential and commercial. Most black widows are female, and can be identified by a red, hour glass shape on their stomach. In many cases, you will not feel a black widow bite. Those who have felt a bite reported feeling tiny pins digging into the skin before initial symptoms began. Symptoms of a black widow bite include, stomach cramps, nausea, and abnormal sweating.
Children and the elderly are at risk for complications due to a black widow bite. Immune systems are weaker, and do not fight off the poison as quickly as a regular, healthy adult or teenager. If you are seeing an increase of spiders in your home, it is recommended that you have it professionally treated.

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Green Pest Services wants a healthy environment along with great Gaithersburg spider control. Our premium products use a special blend of ingredients that protect the environment while removing your spider problem. Our technicians understand the needs of Gaithersburg residents, because this is their home too. We want to make sure your home is spider free.

We are ready to answer the call. Green Pest Services have the tools, knowledge and experience to provide quality Gaithersburg Spider Control without hurting the environment. Account specialists are standing by to book your appointment today. Call now and see the difference with Green.

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