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A Park that makes a Statement

Seneca Creek State Park is a great place to spend your summer outdoors. Clopper Lake offers boat rentals, swimming and free day use. The park boasts long bike and hiking trails and an ever expanding variety of local wildlife sure to bring out your adventurous side. But one local member of the wildlife community is sure to send you running for the door if they show up in your house; the mouse.
Green Pest Services have been removing rodents from Gaithersburg homes for years. Mice, rats and other types of rodents enjoy making homes indoors, where supplies are easily accessible. Without proper training, mouse removal can be a difficult process that is costly and ineffective. Because we expect rodent populations to increase this summer, we have continued to improve our Gaithersburg rodent control techniques in an effort to meet the rising demand for removal services. Our non-toxic approach to pest control allows families to rest easy, without the threat of rodents. We do things the Mother Nature way.

Green Rodent Removal

Your technician is a mouse removal expert, trained located and remove any type of rodent. He will do his job in the safest manner possible, free of any harmful chemicals. The tech begins service by inspecting places where mice could be entering your home. We will work with you to seal up these entry points. After your tech finds out where the mice are living, will use baits and traps to catch and remove all existing mice. Your technician is ready to assist you whenever you need him.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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Green Pest is your Gaithersburg Rodent Control Service

Call Green Pest Services today to make rodent control a one and done problem. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to offer you superior Gaithersburg rodent control. Do not wait for rodents to overrun your home. Our calendars fill quickly, so call our account specialists to schedule your appointment. Invite us over to your home, and see the difference with Green.

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