Gaithersburg Ant Control

A Cause for Celebration

For 77 years, Gaithersburg has been home to one of the premiere Labor Day Parades in Maryland. The rain or shine event has brought together thousands of Gaithersburg residents in a celebration of the hard working individuals that make cities like Gaithersburg great. The mixture of music, military and other performers communicate the rich history and bright future local residents hope to see. And they hope to see it without those annoying ants.

Green Pest Services have been removing ants out of Gaithersburg homes for years. Warm weather and good cooking have brought the colonies indoors to feast and establish themselves for the upcoming summer. But even after the crumbs have been swept and the dishes washed, the ants will remain. Other than ruining your social events, some species of ants will burrow in the wood of your house causing serious damage.

This summer, we expect ant populations to increase as more people open their doors and enjoy the outdoors. Thanks to our Gaithersburg ant control formula, ants leave in a hurry. With Green Pest Control, you can forget about ants and focus on what matters most.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

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Hard on Pest, Safe on Nature

Green Pest Services wants to remove pest problems without hurting the environment. Our Gaithersburg ant control formula is environmentally friendly. These ecosmart products are sprayed in infested areas to solve your ant problem at the source. When we step into your home, we apply years of specialized training to our work. We guarantee a safe experience that removes the ants, but doesn’t leave behind harmful chemicals that could hurt your plants and pets.

Call Green Pest Services today to make ant control a one-time problem. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to provide quality Ant Control solutions. Don’t wait for ants to overrun your home. Our calendars fill quickly, so call our account specialists to book your appointment. Invite us over to your home and enjoy an ant free life.

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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