District of Columbia Wasp Control

The District of Columbia has two major rivers on its borders, the Potomac and Anacostia River. Both these rivers are beautiful sites to see and are always filled with family fun events. Throughout the warmer months, many visitors and residents come out to have picnics, go hiking and more. However, people aren’t the only ones that come out during this time of year. Wasps are notorious for making their mark during this time at the many parks in the District of Columbia. They enjoy the warm weather and even the smell of BBQ. If you know an area that needs wasp control in the District of Columbia, we are your team to call!

Evil Scary Creatures

Wasps are very often mistaken for bumblebees because of their similar looks and features. While bees just sting, wasps can do major the damage. These creatures can sting and bite and will do so if they feel harm. These are insects that you definitely don’t want to be around. Not only are they scary looking but they can do a lot of danger if they feel threatened that could result in medical attention. These creatures can live in socials colonies, which could have thousands under one nest. Many times you will find them in dry humid areas such as hollow trees, in your attic or under playground equipment. You always want to be cautious that you know where exactly they are coming from for your safety.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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What You Can Do

If you see a wasp nest or a lot of wasps buzzing around, do not go near the area. It is in your best interest to walk calmly away and don’t do anything to piss them off. If you try to get rid of a nest yourself, you are putting yourself in deep danger. It is our recommendation that you call in a wasp control expert in the District of Columbia to handle and safely remove the nest. Our technicians are trained to get rid of a wasp infestation so that no one gets hurt. We care about the safety of our residents and want to ensure that they feel comfortable here. We want all of those warm months to be enjoyable and wasp free. If you are not satisfied with our service, give us a call back and we will return free of charge!

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