District of Columbia Ant Control

When folks think about the District of Columbia, it’s very often that they think about the museums, capitol and the different monuments. However, there’s more to the city that is often left out of the mainstream. During the months of March and April, you might want to wander along the Tidal Basin, which will have thousands of pink cherry blossoms bursting into bloom. It’s a wonderful sight to see with more attractions within walking distance. A sight that you wouldn’t want to see if you’re a resident of the District of Columbia, are ants all over your home. These pests may be tiny but they can cause an extreme disturbance for you and your family.

Colonies of Millions

Within a colony, there are three different kinds of ants: the queen, males and female workers. They all have a job to do and do it mostly for their queen. If the queen of their colony dies, the rest of them will only be able to survive a few months after that. Ants mission is to find warmth, food and reproduce. If they enter into your home don’t be surprised if you have thousands of ants working right under your roof. If ants have invaded your home you want to make sure to clean up after your mess. Any kind of food that’s out, they will find a way in. Ants can also chew through the structure of your wall to build galleries for their colony.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

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Products that don’t Harm

Our ant control experts in the District of Columbia pride ourselves in using eco friendly products. We don’t use hazardous products that harm the environment or your family. Using over the counter products might kill ants instantly but it won’t get rid of them for the long run. Those products are not good for the environment and it won’t kill any of the eggs. Our technicians care about ant control in the District of Columbia and want the environment to stay healthy so that the cherry blossoms and other flowers can flourish. If you want the best ant control in the District of Columbia give us a call today!

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