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Bethesda, One of America’s Most Livable Cities

In 2009 Bethesda was ranked by Forbes as second on the list of “America’s Most Livable Cities.” We know what a wonderful place Bethesda is to live and work. Green Pest Services is working hard to keep it that way. If you have an outbreak of spiders, we want to help you eliminate the infestation. You deserve to have your home arachnid free. We want you to feel that your home is the most livable place in Bethesda.

When Spiders Invade

Spiders become a problem when they invade our homes. No matter the species, baby spiders are tiny. They can fit through the gaps in your screen windows and between the cracks around your door. If your home has any other type of insect, the spider will be right at home eating any bug it can catch. There are a few spiders you might see inside your home; these are two of the most common:

  • Common house spiders do not have a serious bite. In fact, they will only bite you if you are threatening its life. Common house spiders create a lot of cobwebs. They will build several webs until they find a good spot. When the insects run low, they will move to another location. Common house spiders have yellow and brown coloring.
  • Black Widow. Of all the spiders in Bethesda, this is the most dangerous. Black widows are shy and will avoid confrontations. They will bite if threatened. If you put your foot in a shoe that has a black widow, it will bite you. Same goes for clothing or gloves. Black widow venom is a neurotoxin. If you get bit you will experience, sweating, muscle cramps, nausea, or spasms. Black widows can be found in areas of low disturbance. They prefer garages and basements.

Green Pest Services is your Spider Solution

If you have an infestation of spiders, we have a solution. Our treatments are safe for you, your family and your pets. If you want your home to be spider free, Green Pest Services can help. We will make your home livable again. Call us today.