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The Top 5 places you don’t want a Termite infestation

When you hear the word termite, you might immediately think of another word… damage. Termites cause more damage to our homes, offices and building than any other pest. It has been estimated that each year in the United States, 600,000 homes are hit by your wood loving enemy. All that damage adds up. Here are the top five places you don’t want termites, brought to you by Pointe Pest Control.

1.Your yard.


When termites are in your yard, they have their sights set on wood. Unfortunately, your home is comprised mostly of wood. One of the best ways to get termites out of your yard is to make it a harsh termite habitat. Reduce dense woody vegetation, especially around your home. Switch from using wood chips to rocks.

2.Your Neighbors house.

If your neighbor has a termite infestation, your house could be next. When termite colonies get too large they swarm and create new colonies. Your house could be on the menu. Some pest control companies use repellents instead of treatments. If the repellent is strong enough, the termites will be moving to the next nearest food source… your home.

3.Your Crawlspace.


You associate your crawlspace with crawling and creepy crawlies. No matter how nasty you might find the area below you main floor, you might want to check it periodically. Subterranean termites are the super villains of the termite world. They eat more wood and cause more damage than any other type. They live underground and build mud tunnels toward wood. If you see mud tunnels in your crawl space, call Pointe Pest Control now.

4.Your Furniture.

There is a species of termite that loves furniture. They are called drywood termites. These critters are small, yet they still cause damage. They slowly eat the insides out of cribs, rocking chairs and anything else made of wood.

5.Your home.


Your home is your greatest investment. The last thing you want is to have it damaged by termites. Protect your home and your family. If you want to keep your home termite free, you call Pointe Pest Control. If you want to eliminate a current termite problem, you call Pointe Pest Control. We are your termite eradication experts.