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Why are there so Many flies around my House?

Are you finding flies buzzing around your home? Does it feel like no matter how many you swat, there are even more the next day? You might eradicate 30 only to find an additional 40 buzzing lazily around your home. You might even be surprised to find flies in your home when it is winter. Before you begin blaming your children for keeping your front door open, the problem might be something more.

Something More

Unfortunately the flies in your home might be related to a different problem. You might have an infestation of blow-flies. Blow-flies lay their eggs on dead animals. The larva hatch, eat the carcass and then turn into adult flies. If a squirrel died in your attic, a mouse died in your crawl space, or a rat died inside of your walls, anything dead might be the cause of your fly infestation. In order to eliminate your fly problem, you need to know the source. That is what sets Green Pest Services apart from other pest control companies. Our technicians will be able to identify the flies in your home. If we identify blow-flies, we know that you might need a bit of rodent control. We can identify potential area where the rodents are getting into your home. Once identified, we will seal of the openings and keep the problem from happening again.

Cluster Flies

If our certified technicians determine that the flies in your home are not blow-flies, you could have a case of cluster flies. Unlike blow-flies, cluster flies are not attracted to decaying animals. Cluster flies need a place to overwinter. Your attic is safe from the wind and keeps a good temperature. If they can find a way in, hundreds of cluster flies will gather in your attic in an attempt to stay warm during the winter. They can easily find their way into your home through light outlets. Due to the sheer number of cluster flies in your attic, you might be battling flies for months. The is good news, you don’t have to put up with flies. No matter what species is infesting your home, Green Pest Services has the experience and equipment to eradicate pesky fly infestations.

Green Pest Services

When residents of Chantilly need pest control, they turn to Green Pest Services. We eliminate insects, eradicate rodents, and force the flies out of your home. We have years of specialized pest control experience. You can depend on our skills and you will be amazed with our customer service. When you want flies eliminated, make the right call the first time. When you need rodents eradicated, put your trust in our proven techniques. When you want professional pest control, you need to call in the experts with Green Pest Services.