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If you’re a big fan of music you might want to check out Jammin’ Java. This venue has a variety of music performances all year long. It’s the perfect place to sit back and listen to your favorite rock band on a warm summer day. And while it is very unlikely that you’ll be in danger of any wasps in the building, the problem is getting there. When the weather heats up, wasp are always out to play. No matter where you are they could be anywhere from playgrounds to the trash can at the side of a curb. It’s always best to be cautious of your surroundings as you wouldn’t want to run into a wasp nest. Not only are these annoying pests, they are also extremely dangerous.

Attack Times Two

You never want to mistaken a wasp for a bee. Wasps are much more dangerous and don’t have any specific benefits to them, whereas bees do. Wasps don’t only sting you when they feel harmed, they will also bite. Wasps are able to chew through soft skin, causing you to feel pain you may have not felt before. These creatures will continue stinging and biting until they die. Some of the most common places you’ll find wasps at is in dry areas. Many nests are found in hollow trees, the attic and under playground equipment. Our Vienna wasp control experts recommend that you don’t go near a nest if you spot one. Instead, give us a call and we will safely remove it.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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Your Best Solution

While the chances are slim that you’ll run into a wasp infestation on your way to Jammin’ Java, knowing you can call us if you do is your best bet. Our Vienna wasp control experts are highly trained and have the experience to eliminate a wasp infestation safely and effectively.

No matter where wasps are buzzing around, our guys at Green Pest Services will get rid of them. We will examine the problem area and create a treatment specifically for that spot. We don’t use the same treatment over and over again because we know every case is different. If you want the best service in the Vienna area give us a call today!

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