Vienna Bed Bug Control

The town of Vienna was established in 1890. This historic place is what attracts many visitors to check out everything it has to offer. Vienna recently celebrated their 125th anniversary with family and friends joining in on the festivities. With the much older homes and businesses, this makes it a bit more difficult to stop bed bugs. Bed bugs hitch hike rides to find their next destination that they will call home. We know how hard it could be to get rid of bed bugs which is why our technicians have gone through extensive training to get rid of them. We know their favorite spots to hide and how to find them. You can trust us to get rid of these unwanted pests.

Champions of Hide and Seek

Bed bugs are the best when it comes to hide and seek. They will do everything they can not to get caught. You may not even realize you have these pests in your home until you wake up in the morning with red itchy welts all over your body. They will feast on your blood during the night time hours and hide back in your mattress when the sun comes up. While we don’t recommend trying to find these bugs on your own, some of the most popular spots to find them at is in your mattress, wallpaper and clothes. Another way to know if you have them is by checking your sheets and mattresses for tiny red blood spots. These would be crushed bed bugs. You want to be sure to get in control of a bed bug infestation as soon as you find out you have them, because they are the fastest reproducers.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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We Put Fear in Bed Bugs

Our Vienna bed bug control experts have the tools, knowledge and drive to get rid of bed bugs. We won’t stop looking until we know bed bugs are out of your home. To help prevent an infestation always be sure to wash your clothes and luggage in hot water when returning from any kind of trip.

Our technicians will also leave you with some tips after clearing out the infestation in your home. Vienna’s most trusted bed bug control experts will answer any questions you have so that you can get a good nights rest. We want to preserve the history of the town so that the residents can celebrate another 125 years.

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