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Vienna, Virginia got a little spring in their step and a feather in their cap when they were ranked 3rd in CNNMoney’s “25 Best Places to Live.” But that’s not all! They’ve been in the top in lists such as “Best Cities in Virginia for Young Families,” “Best Places for the Rich and Single” and “Top Earning towns.” People are clamouring to live in Vienna. Little did you know that your house has also made some top lists in the insect world such as “Best Place to Raise a Million Offspring,” “Tastiest Support Beams,” and “Best Hiding Places.” It is true, your house is a much friendlier environment than the formidable outdoors to raise a healthy population. But wait, this is YOUR house and they are not welcome! Technicians at Green Pest Services are happy to help you keep it pest free.

Sealing your home from the outdoors

Any cracks, crevices and gaps in the exterior of your home are just beckoning them to bring their friends. A thorough inspection where we can spot these entrance points and seal them is the first step to protecting your home from an invasion. Making sure your doors and windows have a tight seal will also save you money on energy costs but also keep out little insects small enough to squeeze through. And last, spraying down a pest control barrier around your home is like a force field to insects, stopping them in their tracks. When it comes to your home and family, two of your greatest possessions, you can’t take any chances on their safety and protection.

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Pests invade year round

There is no season in Vienna that is safe from pest infestations. It is true that eggs hatch in the spring so that is when you will see the most insects, but those insects and rodents that don’t die off in the winter or hibernate, are looking for a warm place to wait out the winter. Your house is the perfect place for that. Most pests lay eggs before winter approaches. These eggs can last through the winter season and once spring comes, hatch in and around your home making for a hearty array of annoyance. By calling your Green Pest Services technician, we can find the eggs, spray them and make sure there will not be a hatching. Our chemicals are non-toxic and safe for your family and the environment. Don’t wait for the hatching, call us today!

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