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If you want to see a whole bunch of animals safely, the Reston Zoo is the place to be. The animals are of course caged in so you’re safe behind bars. Everyone loves to see exotic animals that are rare to see and you can catch them all here. However, on those warm summer months, you may also have to deal with annoying pests on your visit to the zoo. Wasps love warm weather and it seems they also like bothering people. This is why our Reston wasp control experts will eliminate wasps in or around your home, at businesses or anywhere else they may be populating at. We care about your safety and since these wasps can’t be behind bars, we will take care of them for you.

A Dangerous Pest

Wasps are very often mistaken for bees because of its similarities in color and size. However, wasps are different in the sense that they have no benefits. They don’t produce honey and are just a danger to people. Wasps can sting and bite until they die. If you get in their way or they feel harmed in any way, they will continuously sting and bite you until they die. Most times wasps can be found in hot dry areas, which include playgrounds, roof gutters and hollow trees. When you see a nest, do not go near it. Call in a professional to have it safely removed. If you trigger any type of threat to them, they will release pheromones and call the rest of their squad to come and attack you.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"Great service for bugs and I love the fact that I don't have to leave the house for 4 hours if they spray inside. With an annual contract they will come out every 3 months (what you pay for) and any time in between for free. I also use them for mice and the bait boxes have been effective." -Jessica stars  

Telling Wasps No More!

Reston wasp control experts at Green Pest Services are letting wasps now that they are no longer welcomed in town. Not even at the Reston Zoo. We will eliminate wasps and their nests so that no one is in danger of these creatures. Wasps will stop at nothing to get something to eat and our technicians will stop at nothing to get rid of them.

Our premiere products are safe for the environment and won’t harm the ecosystem. We have made it our goal to not only protect people but to also protect the earth. We pride ourselves in using green products. If you want the best wasp control in Reston, give us a call today!

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