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Most spiders like to stay warm, which is why you probably won’t find them at SkateQuest Ice Rink. This arena is for all figure skaters, hockey players or just recreational skaters. It’s a safe, healthy and family oriented environment. While you may not have to deal with any spiders at this attraction, you may have to deal with some at home. Spiders tend to find a home in people’s homes where there is enough food, warmth and space to grow. Our Reston spider control experts have been trained to eliminate spider infestations. We have the tools and products needed to get rid of spiders in the toughest areas.

Away From Reach

Spiders are mostly found in high hard to reach areas. They hang out in places with low traffic and don’t want to be bothered. They eat on other insects, which is a benefit for us. However, running into spider webs is never a fun thing. You always want to be careful when it comes to these creepy crawlers and don’t get near them if you don’t have to. Most spiders will bite you if they feel harmed but in most cases, symptoms are mild. A bite from a Black Widow or a Brown Recluse is a whole other story. These bites are extremely dangerous and will require immediate medical attention. We also recommend that if a spider is on you, don’t smash it because it will inject whatever is left in its’ body.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"Great service for bugs and I love the fact that I don't have to leave the house for 4 hours if they spray inside. With an annual contract they will come out every 3 months (what you pay for) and any time in between for free. I also use them for mice and the bait boxes have been effective." -Jessica stars  

We Are Not Afraid

No matter how many spiders you have hanging around your home whether it’s as cold as SkateQuest Ice Rink or warm, our Reston spider control experts can get the job done. We aren’t afraid and won’t hesitate even if there are thousands living under your roof. We are trained to quickly and effectively remove them from your home.

Our technicians will check your home and find out all the problem areas. They will then create a personalized treatment specifically for the layout of your home and the problem. No matter where the spiders are hiding, we will get rid of them. We will also eliminate any eggs lying around so the problem does not return.

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