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The Most Populous Insect in the World

During the warmer months of the year as you battle various insects like spiders, beetles, or cockroaches that somehow manage to get into your house, you might feel as if they will take over the world. You might be surprised however, even with as many spiders or bees swarming and scurrying about, that they are vastly outnumbered by another species of insect. And when we tell you what it is, you will agree that yes, these little guys are everywhere when you don’t want them to be. So what insect seems to be taking over the world? If you guessed ants, you are correct!

Ants Dominate in Numbers

Ants are pretty much everywhere. Not only are there more ants than humans in this world, but there are so many ants that the weight of all the ants in the world is heavier than the weight of all the humans in the world. Can you imagine such a thing? To even comprehend enough ants in front of you to equal your own weight would be staggering but to imagine them equaling the weight of all humans is mind blowing. There are trillions right under our feet.

Some Interesting Facts

The first signs of ants can be traced back 120 million years ago so they have had plenty of time to increase their numbers and come out on top. There are approximately 20,000 different species of ants inhabiting the earth on every continent except for Antarctica (pretty unfortunate seeing as that continent shares its name). Ants are very adaptable and range in size from the tiniest one millimeter long ant to the largest 1.5 inch Dinoponera ant, or the dinosaur of the ants. Unlike many other bugs on this planet, there is a word for “ant” in nearly every language on earth because they are just that widespread.

Chauvinism at its Finest

In ant culture, the females do everything. The female ants haven’t begun their feminist movement yet, so thus their job is never done. The females gather food and expand and maintain the next while the male ants simply eat and mate with the queen all day. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? Well, the ants aren’t complaining. They have survived this way for millions of years and these are instincts that aren’t about to change anytime soon.

When the Ants come Marching

If some of the many trillions of ants have come to live at your house, it may seem like an uphill fight to keep them at bay. That might be true if you fight this battle alone, but you don’t have to. Green Pest Services knows and understands the behavior of ants. Our skilled technicians are experts at ant control in Elmhurst as well as other nearby cities. We use only the most effective treatments for ant removal, yet our methods are completely non-toxic and safe around your family and pets. They may outnumber us, but they don’t outsmart us. Call Green Pest Services today for guaranteed ant control.