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Amount of Insect Species per State

Have you ever asked the question, what types of insects by my house? Have you ever wondered what insect species are in the State of Virginia? Unfortunately, insects do not care about state lines. They don’t worry about boundary fences; insects will go where they can find food. The only thing that controls their overall distribution is the climate. At Green Pest Services, we are familiar with a large number of insects. Here are a few species that are common to Virginia and the surrounding area.

  • Arachnids: While they are not considered insects, they can still bug you. Arachnids include spiders, mites, scorpions, and ticks. You can find ticks in the woods around your home. If you are looking for spiders, you will find them around your home and inside of it. Virginia is home to jumping spiders, black widows, sow bug killer spiders and garden spiders.
  • Wasps: From yellow jackets and red paper wasps to bees and bald faced hornets, you can always find a wasp nest close to your home in Virginia. Yellow jackets like to build their home underground in old rodent dens. Paper wasps love the eaves around your home. We even have a wingless wasp that is red and black and covered in fur. Its name is the cow killer, and it gets this name from the pain level of its sting. People who have gotten stung say it is painful enough to kill a cow.
  • Beetles: Did you know that there are more species of beetle than any other insect? Beetles have that hard shell which makes them a tough meal for predators. In fact, in Virginia alone there are more than 60 species of beetle. We even have one that is called a blister beetle. The blister beetle is an amazing insect. If you decide to bother one, it can spray liquid at you that will cause your skin to blister.
  • Ants: Beetles might have the most species, but in sheer numbers of individuals nothing can compare to ants. A few scientists have estimated that there are 100 trillion ants on the planet, which is enough to outweigh all of the people on earth. Some ants are pests, like the pavement ant which claws into your home and steals any crumbs. Others like carpenter ants are destructive because they chew holes into the wooden supports of your home.

Many, Many More

This is only a tiny list of all the different types of insect you will find. We didn’t even get into butterflies, flies, moths, mosquitoes or grasshoppers. If you are worried about the number of insects in around your home, we have a solution. Green Pest Services is your source for pest control in Virginia. We have years of experience. Our technicians will be able to identify the invader and create a treatment plan that will eliminate it from your home or yard. When you want the best in pest control, give us a call.