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Do I Need Pest Control in Winter?

It’s spring…the blossoms are blooming, the birds are singing and we are finally getting a little glimpse of warmer weather. Time to shake off those winter blues and get stuff done around the house. It’s a time when most homeowners find to be critical when it comes to pest control. Suddenly, you see a surge in insect activity around your home. Mistakenly, homeowners believe these spring and summer months to be the time of the year to call Green Pest Services for the annual pest treatments. While this is true, spring pest control is vital to keeping your home pest free, so is every season. If you attack pests year round with our guaranteed methods, your sightings of any kind of insect, rodent, spider and more will be incredibly rare.

Don’t lose momentum in the winter

Having your Green Pest Services technician remove pest infestations in the spring and summer is definitely important but when if you stop those regular treatments in the winter, you could be right back where you started in the spring. Here are several reasons why:

Your House is Always Warm

The cold weather outside will not affect any pests living within your walls. During the fall, these obnoxious pests sneak in as it is getting cold outside. They slip in right under your nose and do a great job of hiding. Building nests and raising families in your attic, walls, and dark corners, you will never know they are there until it’s too late and they have a posterity of thousands of offspring.

Insects Leave Behind their Egg Sacs and Nests

Some insects die off during the fall months but they make sure they leave behind a legacy. Spiders, for instance, might not make it through the winter but they make sure to hide their egg sac teeming with hundreds or thousands of spiderlings. When your home is suddenly crawling in the springtime, this is why.

Pests Thrive Indoors Year Round

If your home isn’t properly sealed and a pest has found its way in since we last arrived, this is a problem. Keeping your home sealed and inspected for entrance points is our job and we make sure that nothing gets in. Once a pest gets in, your home is the perfect environment for an infestation.

Year Round Pest Control for a Happy Home

Every time we inspect your home, we perform a meticulous search of any evidence of pests on the inside and out. Removing nests, webs, egg sacs and searching for signs of activity within your walls and attic is something that is especially important in the winter. If this is not done, spring will roll around and you may find that your pest problems have returned. Stay on top of them, show them who’s boss. Schedule your year round inspections today!