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Maryland’s Worst Warm Weather Bugs

Spring is upon us, and summer is around the corner. Everyone loves the warmer weather, insects included. The biggest benefit about the cold winter months is that the bugs are hibernating. Now they’re not only awake, they’re busy laying eggs and multiplying—all over your personal territory!

Here is a list of 10 of the most terrifying of Maryland’s insect population to look out for:

1. Stink bugs—Homeowners are often unhappy to find these unwanted insects inside their house. And they are accurately named- they stink!

2. Brown Recluse—This spider looks as scary as it is. It’s venomous bite is a serious threat to your family.

3. Black Widow Spider

4. House Centipede

5. Cockroach

6. Wolf Spider

7. Bed Bug

8. European Earwig

9. Pseudoscorpion

10. Camel Cricket

If you suspect any of these creatures may be co-habitating in your space, give the professionals at Green Pest Control a call. They know exactly what to do to take care of any unwanted pests at any time of year.