Kensington Wasp Control

The Baltimore Orioles, Maryland’s beloved baseball team, is constantly buzzing with news. Reporters from the media are constantly trying to find stories to feed the fan base. These reporters and be pesky at times, but they are necessary to get the story out there. One such reporter grew up here in Kensington and is a national personality. Tim Kurkjian graduated from Walter Johnson High School. He now works as a baseball reporter for ESPN. Other pests in Kensington aren’t as welcome. The wasps are beginning to scout out food and they could ruin your summer parties. Take care of the issue with Kensington wasp control from Green Pest Services.

Summer Buzzkills

Wasps are a common household problem in Kensington during the summer. These critters normally build nests in trees in the woods. However, household eaves and peaks give wasp colonies great cover and are close to food sources. They have moved into neighborhoods and plan on staying. Wasps leave behind pheromones trails so they will come back year after year to nest. Early in the year, wasps are looking to establish their colonies. They stick close to their nests. They start to branch out when they have a stable nest. Without knowing it, wasps are barging in on your social events outside. Wasps don’t like people on their territory either. They get angry and will sting multiple times if provoked.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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Green Kills the Buzz

Rather than provoking these wasps, call in Kensington wasp control experts from Green Pest Services. We have the experience and products necessary to eliminate these stinging pests. Our wasp control products are ecofriendly. They will alter wasp flight patterns and keep them away from your home. We will treat your peaks and eaves, knocking down any nests that we find along the way. If you are noticing wasp activity in a tree in your yard, don’t worry. Your technician will gladly remove it for you if you point it out to him. All of the work we do has a guarantee on it. Feel free to call us and we will do any additional maintenance you need. Call and get your home wasp proofed today.

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