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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a…worm?

When your sweet tooth is calling and you decide to answer it, the grocery store is full of hundreds of options to help you satisfy it. Candy bars, gummies, suckers—you name it, the sweet treat aisle will satiate your sugar craving for sure. But what if you bit into that delicious malt ball and found a grub inside? Would you instantly giggle with delight at the surprise filling? Most likely that gooey and slimy “surprise” would have you running for the mouthwash and the phone to complain to someone. Why? Because typically we don’t like bugs in our goodies. We like to call Green Pest Services to get rid of them. Did you know some people DO like insect candies? Imagine your favorite dessert and then picture it encrusted with grasshoppers. This may sound revolting but to some, adding a little insect gives these candies just the right pizazz!

Worm Lollipop

These are possibly the most well known type of insect candies. Typically found in Mexico, these icky worms are usually nestled in a tequila flavored lollipop. However in recent years, their popularity has increased and other flavors are available.

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Butterfly Candy

This treat is definitely an unusual one. Inside this hard candy looks to be an encased butterfly. This is not the case however. Instead, the wings of the “butterfly” are made of the Bouganvilla Flower, which are totally edible. The “butterfly” body is an authentic mealworm. With the wings and the worm body, together it is a beautiful, edible work of art.

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Chocolate Covered Crickets

People joke that you can cover anything in chocolate and make it taste good. But is that true about crickets? One popular candy is making its mark on the insect candy scene and that is the chocolate covered cricket. Whether or not chocolate has made it taste delicious is up to you!

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Grasshopper Truffles

Adding a garnish of grasshopper on top of that tasty, expensive truffle isn’t something you hear of every day, but for candy makers trying to grab your attention, sugar coating an insect might be the right approach.

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Ant Wafers

Eating berry filled treats might leave seeds stuck in your teeth, but these fantastic ant wafers might leave a thorax or two wedged in a molar. Don’t be grossed out, pretend they’re seeds! The protein they offer will make your goodies much healthier.

Ant Wafers
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When you don’t want to eat them…

When you see pests infesting your house, you may want to hold off before calling Green Pest Services. Scoop up a handful and drizzle chocolate or candied coating on them first! Your children will thank you. If they don’t and instead run away screaming, we are your back up plan. Our technicians will get rid of any pest infestation you bring our way with our environmentally friendly approach. So if you decide bugs aren’t your favorite sweet tooth snacks, we understand, give us a call today!