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The Washington and Old Dominion bike trail runs through the heart of Downtown Herndon, Virginia. The W & OD trail is a favorite among bikers. This scenic route showcases some of the commonwealth’s prettiest towns and spans 45 miles. 5K runners also use sections of the trail for their events. Some critters in Herndon are leaving behind trails of destruction behind them. They are the rodents. Most of the time they sneak into food and leave behind droppings. Sometimes they chew through wires and cause house fires. Herndon’s older homes run more of a risk for rodent activity. Get some rodent control from Herndon’s trusted company, Green Pest Services.

Crawling Disaster

Rodents are historically bad pests. They are blamed for spreading the notorious black plague. While you won’t see much of that today, rodents continue to be a vector for awful diseases. If they get into your food, they will contaminate it. Your house is an attractive place for rodents for various reasons. Rodents like to nest in wall voids and can make little holes in the sheet rock. Any small hole on your structure can be an invitation for rat or mouse invaders. They specialize in fitting into small holes. Mice are dirty and will leave unpleasant odors in your home. Once a few get inside, they will quickly reproduce, leaving you with a bigger problem on your hands.

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Constant Care

Instead of worrying about this problem all by yourself, bring in professional Herndon rodent control from Green Pest Services. We will follow the trail the rodents leave behind and find a solution to the problem. Green technicians will perform an inspection and notify you of possible entry points. These areas are sealed off. Green is committed to solving the problem. We will come whenever you need us and work with you to resolve any rodent issues. Our rodent control methods are save and effective. Put your confidence in our money back guarantee. Call and schedule an inspection today!

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