Herndon Ant Control

Herndon, Virginia is named after famed naval officer and explorer, William Lewis Herndon. Herndon led a famous expedition through the Valley of the Amazon. He was perhaps best known for securing the rescue of 152 women and children aboard his ship before it sank. Herndon’s courage and selflessness have made him a popular figure in American history. Just as a small crack in the ship can sink it, small ants can do structural damage to your house. Neglecting this problem can make you pay for expensive repairs. Rather than remodeling, get pest prevention from your Herndon ant control professionals at Green Pest Services.

Cracks in the Vessel

The foundation of your home is riddled with small cracks. Some of them are necessary. For example, weep holes are key to letting out moisture and deducing pressure on the structure. Ants will find their way into small cracks along the foundation of the house. They also use windows to find their way in. Trees with limbs touching your home can bring ants in as well. Carpenter ants do more damage than any other type of ant. Carpenter ants love to nest under decks, porches, and windows because these places are susceptible to moisture. They dig through the moist wood to build their galleries. Galleries house ant larvae and provide protection for the new colony. The ants will build satellite colonies around the galleries.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

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Green Screen

If you’re seeing ants, don’t abandon ship. Green Pest Services has years of ant removal experience in Herndon and we’ll gladly help you. Green technicians leave no stone unturned in their pest control. Your tech will treat the foundation of your home. We do wall injections in cracks and crevices as well. The non-repellents we use are family and pet safe but will eradicate the ants. The microencapsulated products stick to the ants. Ants will bring it to their nests and will be completely flushed out. We guarantee we can fix your ant problem. Call and sign up for Green ant control today.

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