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Herndon is an important city due to its place in the Dulles Technology Corridor and equally important to the residents of this great city are their homes. Protecting your home or business from pesky intruders is a difficult job. Humans are drastically outnumbered by insects 200 million to 1. They says “it’s a man’s world” but judging by the statistics, the insects would beg to differ. Regardless of their feelings, they cannot live in our homes. Their place in nature is a vital one but living with us and feeding of our hard work is not an option. Pests would love nothing more than to cozy up with you at the dinner table for a meal.

How to keep them out

Protecting your home from rodents and insects is a difficult job. It requires careful scrutiny of the exterior of your home. Keeping all windows, doors, and all entrances to the home tightly sealed is a good measure of defense. Inspecting the outside for cracks or holes in which bugs can get in should be done often because once they’re in, they start creating a family and take control. Infestations can number in the millions, depending on the severity and type of pest. Imagining that number of creatures living amongst your family is a sickening thought, especially when you think of all the germs and diseases they can carry. If you have little children, their fearful cries when they see scary spiders, terrifying earwigs or worse, rodents can wrench your heart out. You want to protect your family and keeping that feeling of safety and security in your home is of utmost importance.

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We will hunt them down

Regular pest inspections can spot infesting insects and rodents and we are happy to offer advice tailored specifically to your house. Our Herndon pest control technicians are skilled and extremely experienced in all things pest related. Their ample supply of knowledge involving insects and rodents will help get rid of any problem areas and secure your home against invaders. Our chemicals are safe for your family and gentle to the environment, but you can be sure it’s tough on bugs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we won’t quit till the problem is gone. Call us today, we look forward to serving you.

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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