Fairfax Bed Bug Control

One of the most comfortable, safest places in your home should be your bed, right? We all love a good night’s sleep. That fact is probably what makes bed bug infestations so traumatizing. They don’t just invade your home—they invade your personal space. While these pests all but disappeared in the U.S. for a long time, they are starting to resurface across the country. If you are suffering from a Fairfax bed bug invasion, we are your solution. Green Pest Control can eliminate bed bugs from your home quickly and safely, using only our ecofriendly methods and products.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


”I have been using Green Pest Services for 4 years and am very happy with their service. They treat inside and outside of my house quarterly and re-treat as needed at no additional cost. I also like that their products are environmentally friendly. I highly recommend Green Pest Services to others!!!” -LJ stars  

Signs of an Infestation

our home’s condition or cleanliness has little to do with bed bug invasions. Most commonly, people and pets bring them into the home after exposure at a hotel or another person’s house. They can latch on to clothing, luggage, or fur, and are very difficult to see. Once these pests are inside your home, they will set up camp where they can be closest to their food source—you. Like mosquitoes, they feed on blood. Living in your bed or sofa gives them easy access to nourishment. If you wake up in the morning with what looks like a red itchy rash, or you notice blood stains on your sheets, you may have an infestation on your hands. Other red flags include waste matter around the seams of your mattress or a musty scent. If you witness any of these conditions, you need Fairfax bed bug control right away.

Back to a Good Night’s Sleep

You have a right to sleeping peacefully in your bed. With Green Pest Control, you can rid your home of bed bugs and get back to a good night’s sleep. Plus, you won’t be inconvenienced or endangered by any of the ecofriendly products we use in our Fairfax bed bug control methods. Don’t let the bed bugs bite any more—give us a call today.

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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