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Pests may seem like a small problem when you first notice them; an earwig here, maybe a bed bug there. Inevitably those pests will multiply. At Green Pest Services, we offer impressive pest control solutions that will let you relax in your home again.

Fairfax Station Insect Issues

Though insects are small, they can turn into massive problems. Termites and carpenter ants can destroy your home. Rodents will, ruin your food, spread a number of terrible diseases and chew into electrical wiring. Your house could burn down because of a rat. Cockroaches spent time running around garbage and the worst places in your bathroom, and then get into the food you eat. Biting you while you sleep, bed bugs can make bedtime into a nightmare. Spiders, wasps, and mosquitoes can quickly turn into infestations that make your home feel unlivable. When infestations get bad, it’s time to call in the professionals.

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"I have never had such great service from Green Pest Control. Rufus took his time and treated my property with so much love. He was very detailed and answered all my questions. He exhibited professionalism and patience. But most of all, knowledge." -Gloria stars  

Green Pest Services is your Fairfax Station Pest Control Solution

Pointe Pest Control is dedicated to eradicating infestations. We work with you to identify the pest problem and you can count on our solutions. Our technicians use integrated pest management. For you that means a more successful eradication effort. For insects and rodents, integrated pest management means a multi-pronged treatment approach. We guarantee results. Our technicians are pest educated and certified to assist you. We have years of precision experience. We know pests and we know pest elimination. No matter what pest is causing you concern, we will have a solution that will meet your needs. Reclaim your home, take the fight back to the invaders; call in Green Pest Services.

We do pest control the right way. Our technicians use environmentally friendly treatment methods. We avoid harmful chemicals that ruin our community. Our treatment options are effective against pests and safe for you and your family. When you want pest control done right you need to call in the experts. Call Green Pest Services today and schedule an all-inclusive inspection. Your home will soon be insect and rodent free. And we can keep it that way.

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