Fairfax Station Bed Bug Control

Fairfax Station has always been a transportation community. Before it became a suburb, it was originally a railroad town, thus the name Fairfax Station. It is now a bedroom community for many of the workers in Washington DC. Another creature is being transported from place to place. Bed bugs are on the rise in major metropolitan areas. These small bugs latch on to unsuspecting travelers and find their way into their houses. If you suspect a bed bug problem, don’t hesitate to call your local Fairfax Station bed bug control experts at Green Pest Services for an inspection.

Traveling Bugs

Bedbugs are known to hitchhike from place to place. They can hide in clothes if you or a family member come in contact with them. Bed bugs also end up in travel bags and furniture. We recommend washing your clothes and every time you come back from a vacation or trip. This will help you prevent a bed bug infestation. Once the bugs make it to their destination, they don’t travel very far. They prefer to stay close to food sources. Bed bugs tend to live in beds, nightstands, carpets, and couches. You will rarely see bed bugs during the day. They are active primarily at night.

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Another Bug Bites the Dust

Don’t worry about getting bit at night. Get a hold of Fairfax Station bed bug control at Green Pest Services to help you out. We pride ourselves as bed bug problem solvers. Call us and we will schedule an inspection with a bed bug specialist. He will check your home and make sure you have them. If you do, your tech with treat your home. Our products are safe on the environment but they will exterminate your bug problem. We want to take care for the infestation completely. That’s why we will come out for free any additional times you need us. Rest easy again. Call and get your bed bug treatments today.

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