Fairfax Station Ant Control

The DC area is full of federal government workers and officials. A great number of them live just outside our nation’s capital and commute to work. Fairfax Station, Virginia is home to many of these men and women who help keep our nation great. Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Political activist Rebiya Kadeer, and C-Span Executive Producer Steve Scully reside here. Unfortunately, DC is also full of ant colonies. These ants do damage to the luxurious houses in the area. Get a quality ant control service in Fairfax Station from Green Pest Services to keep your house looking great.

Ant Problems

What are ants capable of doing to your house? You may not notice it immediately, but various types of ants are damaging expensive parts of your home. Paving a driveway isn’t cheap. Pavement ants are responsible for making nests in between paving stones. Do so makes the stones move. Resetting them can be pricey. Carpenter ants come out during the warm months to burrow in moist wood. They account for much of the tree damage in Virginia. Weak trees can be a big problem during a storm. Carpenter ants are a major problem when they find their way inside a house. Once they find a way in, they begin to tunnel through wood to make galleries. These are used to foster their larvae. After they nest, workers will make satellite colonies around the main nest.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

"I have never had such great service from Green Pest Control. Rufus took his time and treated my property with so much love. He was very detailed and answered all my questions. He exhibited professionalism and patience. But most of all, knowledge." -Gloria stars  

Green Protection

Rather than wasting time treating for ants yourself, put the work into a professional’s hands. Green Pest Services specializes in ant control in Fairfax Station. Green technicians use premium pest products to flush out infestations on your structure and in your yard. The non-repellents are spread into ant nests and wipe out the entire colony. Our products and treatments are safe, but effective in taking care of your pest problems. You can call us back anytime in between treatments and we’ll do extra work for free. Contact us today and we’ll take care of the ants.

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