Chevy Chase Wasp Control

A transportation revolution started in Chevy Chase, Maryland at the close of the 19th century. Instead of commuting in carriages and trains, residents began using electric streetcars. These vehicles made travel to the nation’s capital easier and modern. History seems to be repeating itself as alternative energy is becoming popular again. That’s how wasp nests work. They find a place to live and come back to it year after year. These critters have flight patterns that make them naturally commute to a fixed spot— like in your yard or on your house. End this vicious circle with Chevy Chase wasp control from Green Pest Services.

Traveling Troublemakers

Wasps are seasonal pests. They begin to branch out during the early spring. The queens will seek out a place to build the soon-to-be nest. Because they follow flight patterns, wasps tend to go back to areas they have previously occupied. This is why you always catch them building nests in the same places on your home. After the nest is complete, wasps will start to scrounge for food. This is when they bug you the most. Picnics often get sabotaged by nosy wasps. You’ll have to be careful where you go in your yard. Wasps are extremely territorial and will attack if they feel their nest is threatened.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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Alternative Pest Service

Rather than risking yourself painful wasp stings, let the experienced pest technicians at Green Pest Services handle the problem. Our eco-friendly wasp products are designed to change their flight patterns so they won’t come back. Our techs apply a dust on eaves and peaks that will discourage wasps from building nests there. If you already have some nests up there, your tech will gladly get rid of it for you. They have an extension pole that can extend up to 30 feet. The pole can knock down the nests from a safe, manageable distance. Rest easy this year with a company you can trust. Call Green and get wasp control today.

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