Chevy Chase Spider Control

Some of the best high-end shopping and dining around is right next to you. Friendship Heights is known for its variety designer shops and restaurants. Even if you don’t pay top dollar for fashion, there are stores that fit all budgets. If anything, Friendship Heights is a great place to explore. Spiders explore nooks and crannies of homes, looking for a new place to set their traps. Though useful in catching bothersome insects, spiders and their webs are a problem in and around your house. Take care of household arachnids with Chevy Chase spider control from Green Pest Services.


Spiders use webs to trap their prey. A single household spider can make several webs in its lifetime. When they are established, female spiders will make an egg sac. The sac holds hundreds of spider eggs. Spiders will make webs in the eaves and in window sills. Most spiders are harmless to humans, however, there are a few in Chevy Chase you should worry about. The black widow spider has been seen here. While these spiders don’t attack us, they will bite if they feel threatened. They can be identified by the iconic red hourglass shape of their backs. A less recognizable spider is the brown recluse. Both spiders can deliver a painful bite.

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Getting rid of spiders and their webs can be a tough job to do on your own. Besides, if you sweep them away, the spiders will only build them up again. It’s recommended that you get quality spider control from the experts at Green Pest Services. Green specializes in dewebbing homes. Many companies don’t do it. We pledge to deweb your home every time we come. All eaves and peaks are treated with a dust that gets into the spider’s fur and gets rid of them. All the pest products we use on your house are safe. Once you sign up, feel free to call us back for any additional work. We do it for free. So get on board and call for Green spider control today!

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