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Chevy Chase, Maryland has been named by the Business Insider as “The nations most educated town” with 93% of its residents have at least a Bachelors degree. Chevy Chase is filled with intelligence and unfortunately, there are pests lurking about that are also annoyingly intelligent. They find ways to outsmart traps, sneak into homes, and avoid detection for long periods of time until terrible amounts of damage is done. Sometimes homeowners think they can tackle an infestation by themselves, however these insects with their itty, bitty intelligences, find ways to avoid death. Problems will escalate and calling Green Pest Services is your next step for pest control.

Dangers of pest infestations

Finding an ant here or a spider there is frustrating and spraying a DIY chemical can kill single insects on contact. However, if you have an infestation of any one pest, the damage and destruction an entire colony of thousands or millions can do in your home, can be catastrophic. One ant won’t do much, but ants usually colonize in incredible numbers. Your food sources become a huge target and depending on the type of ant, the structural integrity of your house can be jeopardized as well. Carpenter ants can destroy support beams within your walls in no time. That DIY spray no longer will work for infestations so large. Instead, it scatters them and forces them to make spread out, creating more colonies. It’s an uphill battle. Calling the professionals is your only hope.

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Keep it clean, keep it safe

DIY store chemicals are dangerous and can be harmful for pets and family members. Don’t even contemplate that stuff. Not only can it be toxic but it contains carcinogens which are damaging to our environment. You want your infestation gone, but not at the price of harming your family. Let us take control. We use only the safest, non-toxic chemicals that won’t hurt your loved ones or our planet. When you call us for a pest removal, we guarantee our services completely. Your satisfaction and positive experience are very important to us. We aim to create lifelong customers and look forward to being your Chevy Chase pest control experts for many years to come.

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