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Can my pet get fleas in the winter?

Sales of flea treatment in Crystal Lake and the surrounding area drop in winter months, but perhaps pet owners shouldn’t be letting their guard down so easily. In the wild, fleas aren’t much of an issue for animals when temperatures drop, since fleas can only withstand temperatures above 37 degrees F. But if your pets are inside pets, the weather outside doesn’t apply.

That’s because, if you’re like most people, you crank up the heat this time of year.The warmth in your home, combined with humidity and the warm body of your pet, means you’ve created the perfect winter getaway for this nasty parasite. Pet owners should remain vigilant even in the winter months to keep fleas at bay.

Besides being uncomfortable, fleas pose a risk for a number of other health problems for your pet. As your pet scratches its irritated skin, you may begin to see patches of hair loss. Your pet can develop skin allergies caused by the fleas, and fleas can be carriers of other parasites, such as tapeworms. Smaller and more vulnerable pets, like kittens, can develop life-threatening anemia as a result of blood loss due to fleas.

Non-prescription flea treatments are available in most pet stores, and your local veterinarian can prescribe more intensive formulas if your pet has a serious problem. Combing your pet with a flea removal comb can also get rid of any eggs or adults burrowed in your pet’s fur. Treatments like these – and others that your veterinarian might recommend – can ensure that your pet remains comfortable year-round.

If you have a winter flea problem that extends beyond your pet and into areas like carpet, bedding, and furniture, it’s a good idea to call in the experts. Green Pest Services has the tools and expertise to rid your home of fleas so you and your pets can enjoy year-round comfort. Contact us today.