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The last thing you need to add to your list off worries is a pest concern. Rodents are destructive. A colony of rats can devastate your attic. They ruin your insulation and chew into electrical wires. The resulting spark will kill the rat; it could also start a house fire. Your home is not the only thing in danger when rodents invade. Mice and rats can transmit over 26 different diseases. Rodents can ruin your health. If you wake up each morning covered in itchy red bites, you might have bed bugs. Cockroaches will spend time running around garbage and the dirtiest places you can imagine. After which, they do cartwheels in your food. Termites and carpenter ants chew into the lumber that keeps your home standing. If you have an infestation of pests, you need a real solution. Ashburn pest control technicians are here to help.

The Green Pest Services Solution

A call to Green Pest Services will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our technicians are pest eradication specialists. We have years of dedicated experience. Pest elimination is what we do best. We know and understand pests. When we arrive, we perform an all-inclusive inspection from your foundation to your attic. Pests cannot hide from us. Our certified technicians will find pest hot spots and access points. Once we identify the problems, we create a treatment plan that will eradicate the pests. Your worries will be gone. We will work to keep it that way.

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"Always dependable, professional and excellent job every time they visit. Best pest service we have had yet!!” -Stefanie stars  

Going Green

We are true to our name. Our treatment options are environmentally friendly. There are numerous chemicals on the market that degrade the water we drink, the soil we need to grow food, and the air we breathe. We avoid pesticides that leave toxic residues. Since our treatment options are safe for Mother Nature, you know that you, your family and pets will be safe. Insects and rodents on the other hand, will be eradicated. We are serious about pest control and serious about protecting the environment. When you want serious pest elimination, you need Green Pest Services. Fight back against pesky pests in Ashburn. Protect your home, your health and your family. We can help you do it. Call us today.

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