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Where Can Bed Bugs Be Found in Fairfax?

For a piece of history, you can see Grandma’s Cottage, which took a trip down Old Lee Highway to its current resting place at the Blenheim Estate. If you have bed bugs crawling around inside your home, you might wish you could pack up and move your home somewhere else. Unfortunately, the bed bugs would make the trip with you.

These Hitchhikers ride without permission

Bed bugs are good at hitchhiking. They arrive into your home when you visit a place that is infested. Before you start envisioning filthy homes and rundown motels, think again. Bed bugs do not care about dirt. You can find them in five star hotels, spotless homes, movie theaters, restaurants, buses, even hospitals. They can grab a ride on your clothes, sneak into your luggage, or hide in that dresser you got from the yard sale.

If you have bed bugs, you will begin to notice itchy bites on your skin. If you take a close look at your sheets you will find rust colored stains. Bed bugs defecate while they feed on your blood. You might also notice shed insect skins. They look like paper thin pieces of popcorn kernels. You could even spot the occasional flat bodied bed bug crawling across your bedroom floor. No matter how they got there, you want them gone. If you have bed bugs, biologists recommend hiring a professional.

Green Pest Service is your bed bug eradication solution

We know bed bugs. Our technicians are bed bug eradication experts. We can identify hot spots, and create an effective treatment plan. We have years of dedicated experience in bed bug control. We are true to our name. Our technicians avoid using harmful chemicals that leave toxic residues. Our treatments are safe for you, your family and your pets. You don’t have to move your home to get rid of bed bugs. All you need is a phone. If you have bed bugs, call Green Pest Services. We guarantee you will soon be bed bug free.