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The Maryland International Raceway is where many residents in Cabin John go to for a day of fun. This venue hosts the most prestigious program for fast car racers. It’s somewhere you can go to enjoy a day of excitement with your wind blowing in the wind. The cars speed past in laps, flying at the speed of light. Something else that could be flying around you during those hot summer days, are wasps. These creatures seem to love to be around people with food in the hot dry temperatures. It may feel impossible to get away from them when you’re holding a burger in your hand, but whatever you do don’t get them angry. We here at Green Pest Services have the best Cabin John Wasp Control in town.

There’s A Difference

It is very often that people mistaken bees for wasps because they both deliver painful stings. However, there’s a big difference between them. Bees most commonly sting when they feel provoked, whereas wasps are more aggressive creatures and attack much more often. Wasps also don’t produce honey, while bees do. There is not much of a benefit to having wasps around. The one main thing people need to know is that wasps don’t only sting, they can bite. If you make them angry enough they will continuously bite and sting you until they die. When this happens, they will also release a pheromone to alert their colony to come over and attack you as well. Stay away from wasp’s nests that are usually found in trees, gutters and other dry dense areas.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"You are always on point(e) (pun intended!) to schedule my appointments on a regular basis and to work around my schedule. Your customer service people are extremely helpful – something that is sadly often missing in many other companies today. Your service technicians are not only well educated about the right treatments for the issues we face, but also extremely polite and trust worthy. I have no problems giving them free access to our home." -Marianne Wood stars  

Business Done Right

When the weather heats up and everyone wants to go out and play, our Cabin John wasp control experts are most busy taking care of business. We want you to enjoy the races at the Maryland International Raceway and other activities around town. Our technicians are equipped with the proper gear and treatments to service any type of home or business.

We have been doing this for years and removed hundreds of infestations so a wasp control problem in Cabin John won’t scare us a way. Our customers mean a lot to us and we want to make sure that they are always comfortable and satisfied with our service. We are a green company and will be sure to take you step by step on what we will do when it comes to treatment.

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