Cabin John Spider Control

One of the schools that Cabin John students attend is Cabin John Middle School. They are also known as the Cougars. This is an exceptional school with students who truly value their education. With over 940 students and 120 staff members, there is lots of room to make sure all the buildings are clean. Can you imagine how quiet the school must get during winter and summer break? Yes, it is the perfect place for spiders to find a nice little place to rest without being bothered. If spiders end up nesting in classrooms during this time, there may be an infestation by the time schools rolls back around. We here at Green Pest Services want to ensure every child’s safety wherever they may be.

Dangerous or Not?

It’s never easy to tell which spiders in your home or dangerous or not. However, if there are spiders that are disturbing your daily activities, you should give Green Pest Services a call. Spider control in Cabin John is important because it helps you avoid webs in your home and will also protect your family from any harmful bites. While most spiders don’t pack a dangerous bite there are a couple species that do. The Brown Recluse spider can bite and leave skin lesions on you. If a recluse bites you, be sure to seek medical attention immediately. Most of these spiders are about a quarter size and range anywhere from tan to dark brown. The other spider to look out for is the Black Widow. There have been many cases, where this specie has been found in grape bags. They are extremely poisonous and common in North America.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"You are always on point(e) (pun intended!) to schedule my appointments on a regular basis and to work around my schedule. Your customer service people are extremely helpful – something that is sadly often missing in many other companies today. Your service technicians are not only well educated about the right treatments for the issues we face, but also extremely polite and trust worthy. I have no problems giving them free access to our home." -Marianne Wood stars  

Our Guarantee

At Green Pest Services, we promise to not only provide a service to your level of satisfaction, but we will return free of charge until you are satisfied. Our premier pest control company cares about you and your family’s safety. Whether spiders are in schools, homes or parks, we want to eliminate them from your sight.

Our trained Cabin John spider control experts have the knowledge and tools to get rid of them no matter how big or small. We only use eco friendly products that won’t harm you or the environment. We pride ourselves in being green and want you to feel comfortable resting in your spider free home!

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