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Bugs That Might Be Part of Your Christmas Tree Miracle

Whether you prefer the smell or the look of a living Christmas tree, there is just something magical about a real conifer. Sometimes when you bring a real tree into your home, you could also be transporting in a few insects. Once they are inside of your warm home, they come out of hibernation or get a little confused and hatch out of their eggs. Since all of the insects came from field-grown confiners, your home is safe. Still though, no one likes bugs.

To Do and Not To Do

Inspect your tree for any egg sacs and remove them before you bring your tree inside. If you want to dislodge sleeping beetles or spiders, make certain you give the tree a good shake outside. Once that is complete your Christmas tree is ready to be brought inside to enjoy.
Do not, under any circumstances, spray your tree with pesticides. Many of the aerosol chemicals used to kill bugs are flammable. Real trees are flammable as well, so the last thing you want to do is increase the potential for a fire.

Insects under your tree

Even if you take all the precautions, you might see a few insects around your tree. Your vacuum is an easy insect killing solution. The following are a few of the insects you might find brought to you by your friends at Green Pest Services:

  • Spiders: They might not be insects, but there are a few varieties that will hang out in Christmas trees.
  • Aphids: Same little bugs that love your rose bushes. They don’t cause any problems and will usually stay with the tree.
  • Beetles: There are a few types of pine beetles that love conifers. You might find one scampering around once it warms up.
  • Adelgids: If you notice a cotton white fluff growing on your tree, you might have a few adelgids. In large numbers your tree might begin to look like it has a light dusting of flocking. This bug and the flocking it produces are harmless.
  • Mites: Predatory and spider mites are tiny arachnids, they will look like tiny red dots. You’ve probably seen one crawling across your cement.

Green Pest Services

If you notice insects or spiders that are unfamiliar, give us a call. Our knowledgeable technicians will be able to identify the pest and find a way to eliminate the problem. When it comes to pest elimination, we mean business.