Ward Off Spring Bugs: Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Warmer Temps

Ward Off Spring Bugs: Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Warmer Temps

Spring is often a season that is associated with rejuvenation, renewal, and revitalization. You are probably looking forward to warmer days so you can escape winter’s blistering cold.

You can undoubtedly appreciate the beauty, the scents, and the joy you feel with the warmth of the season. Yet there’s another side of spring and that is the invasion of spring bugs during the season.

Once the temperature starts to rise, insects begin to come out. This can make springtime unbearable. Here are some easy ways to get rid of bugs this spring.

Common Spring Pests

There are three main pests to be worried about during spring. These are ants, termites, and flies. These clever invaders normally hide during winter and venture out once the temperature is warmer.

Next on the list of popular critters are:

  • cockroaches
  • spiders
  • wasps
  • beetles
  • crickets
  • bees
  • bed bugs
  • mites

All these creatures can create massive problems for you if you don’t get rid of them fast.

No Spring Bugs Welcomed!

Now that the most common pests present during spring have been named. It’s time for you to know how to say goodbye to them this spring. This will help you to truly focus on enjoying one of the most beautiful seasons.

Here are some spring bug elimination tips:

Constant Checks

You can stop spring bugs and other spring pests from showing up in and around your home. The key is to do constant checks on your house throughout the year.

Check for holes and cracks in your foundation or windows. For example, ants love to enter through small cracks in your windows. To prevent them from invading your home during spring, seal any holes or cracks. This is the first step in your pest control routine.

Trim Plants

Plants may be a route to your home for insects. For instance, they can live in grass growing against your home’s exterior.

Trim trees and grass that are creating an avenue for pests to invade your home. Do this a few times per year.

Cleanse Thoroughly

The truth is pests live for your messy and cluttered areas, so spring cleaning is not a cliche but rather a must-do task.

You can start with your kitchen. Spring bugs love to invade your kitchen because of how easily food and water sources can be accessed. You’ll probably see them sometimes scurrying one by one for food crumbs or other food sources.

To begin, you should completely empty your cabinets and pantry. Get rid of all stale spices and expired goods. These are a gold mine for beetles, ants, and cockroaches.

Once this is done, wipe down the cabinets and line shelves with fresh paper. Move appliances close to the wall and vacuum those areas. Lastly, wash your kitchen counter and floor.

Cockroaches love moisture hence the bathroom is their best friend. Eliminate all extra sources of water in your bathroom. Wash shower curtains and clean your medicine cabinet. Check for leaks under the sink and near your toilet and tub.

Spiders and several other critters find the basement ideal. The key is to declutter as much as possible. Change your storage method from cardboard boxes to plastic bins that can be covered.

Be Proactive Outdoors

Once you’ve finished inside, it’s time to tackle outside. Start with your roof and repair any rotted shingles. Termites love deteriorating wood.

Move on to your clogged gutters and downspouts. Ensure they are functioning properly.

Do your necessary repairs to ripped screens and change weather- stripping. Get rid of rotting tree stumps too.

Lining garbage bins will keep bugs such as cockroaches at bay. Keep trash cans far from your home and install door sweeps.

Good Pest Control Management

Once you know that winter is quickly fading and spring is fast approaching get a pest control management program in place. This will make provisions for common pests in your area.

Work with a pest management provider. Let them do monthly inspections of your property for pest outbreaks and conditions that foster them. Normally, they’ll start with the safest method to control and eliminate spring bugs.

You can also help yourself by doing research on the internet in order to gain more knowledge on spring pests and how to get rid of them in ways that are not toxic.

Spring Bug Elimination Checklist

Now it’s time to create a spring bug elimination checklist so that you can become organized.

  1. Clean your closet. Start by removing clothes that you don’t wear.
  2. Clean window screens and replace damaged ones.
  3. Get rid of storage material such as old newspapers, boxes, and cans.
  4. Protect keepsakes from dust and moisture.
  5. Search your home’s foundation for cracks. Seal the ones found.
  6. Find wood damage and repair it.
  7. Repair leaky faucets and downspouts.
  8. Get rid of food sources that are pest magnets.

Once you finish this checklist you are well on your way to being bug-free.

Spring at Last!

Spring is a wonderful season that you should definitely look forward to. The birds chirping in your backyard, the leaves blooming and the much needed warmer temperature caused by the shining sun are all things to look forward to.

Even though that’s the side of spring that you will see most often, there’s the side where it’s not all bright and chirpy.

Cockroaches, beetles, termites, and flies all come out, to name a few and this can make springtime less cheerful! The good news is that there are proven ways to eliminate these spring bugs.

Do your checks around your home regularly, trim your plants and check on your outdoor areas constantly. Form a pest control management plan. Spring clean as much as possible.

When all else fails to work, call in the experts and let them do their job. Who says that spring can’t be blissful and savored? You can enjoy a bug-free spring with the tips given above.

If you would like some help with spring bug elimination, please contact us.