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Ants that will make you Mad

There are the ants that wander across you kitchen floor looking for crumbs, there are the ants that march in lines along your porch, but there are ants that are even worse. Normal ant infestations can ruin your food with contamination. If you have an infestation of black carpenter ants, you are in for something much worse. Carpenter ants really big ants, but that isn’t what makes them bad. Carpenter ants chew holes through wood, creating long tunnels and large galleries. Unfortunately for you, the structure holding your home upright is mainly wood. If carpenter ants can find a way into the walls of you home, they will begin the silent work of infrastructure damage. If your home has a case of the Eastern Black Carpenter Ants, you will need the best pest control in Fairfax. You will need Green Pest Services.

Carpenter Ants

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. Instead, they burrow through it. The wood is then subject to dry rot and becomes brittle. Homes can become unlivable because of carpenter ants. They are like a silent plague; most homeowners don’t even know they had an infestation. If you want to catch an infestation before it becomes a big problem look for the signs.

  • You can hear a faint rustling sound in your walls.
  • Sawdust will accumulate under any of their hive entrance holes.
  • Wood will sound hollow when tapped.
  • You will find the shed wings of swarming carpenter ants around your windows.
  • If any of the wood breaks off, you will be able to see smooth tunnels running throughout the interior.

Green Pest Services

You don’t have to put up with an infestation of carpenter ants. If you see any of the infestation signs, or suspect carpenter ants, give us a call. Since we are a local company, our technicians are familiar with the types of insects that are in our area. We will be able to identify the pest and create a treatment plan that will meet your needs and eliminate any problem pest. With Green Pest Services on your side, carpenter ants won’t stand a chance. We will be able to find the nests and eradicate the queens. All of our technicians are certified ant eradication specialists. When you want the best in pest control, give us a call.