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6 Beneficial Insects to Help Your Garden

Gardening is hard enough as it is. Relying on the sun, the temperature, and hoping that there’s enough moisture is just one piece to the puzzle. Another piece is how to combat pests- the enemy of gardeners everywhere. Or are they?

Actually, the definition of “pest” is pretty loosely defined, depending on the circumstance. For example, you could see spiders as an annoyance or as an aid to get rid of flies. It’s the same in your garden. There are insects that can wreak havoc and even destroy your garden produce. Here’s how to use “friendly” bugs to fight your battles for you.


beneficial insects in the garden


Download this infographic here to use or share 🙂

There have been many recent scares with applying chemicals and other harsh products to eradicate pests. Using beneficial insects can take some of that worry away. Happy gardening!