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4 Disturbing Facts about Bed Bugs

If you’re experiencing a bed bug infestation in your Fairfax home, you might want to stop reading now and give Green Pest Services a call immediately. If you’re sleeping comfortably at night, however, read on for some gross facts about bed bugs that will make you lose sleep tonight anyway:

1. Today’s bed bugs are mutants!

When bed bugs first became a problem in the United States, they were effectively eradicated with DDT. It didn’t take long for the itchy little critters to develop a multilevel resistance to this chemical that actually made them stronger than ever. Yikes!

2. Bed bugs reproduce like crazy

Bed bugs breed both quickly and bountifully. A single female can produce over 1,000 eggs in her lifetime, making it easy to create major infestations almost overnight.

3. Bed bug eating habits are downright disturbing

Bed bugs don’t just suck your blood like mosquitoes – they’re a little more complex than that. They insert two tubes into your skin. One sucks your blood, the other administers anticoagulants and anesthetics so you’re less likely to notice how much you’re being violated. This process can last up to ten minutes, increasing the bed bug’s body weight by seven times. You wake up with an itchy welt and bed bug feces on your skin.

4. Bed bugs can survive without food for ages

Older bed bugs can go for up to a year without eating, just waiting around in the same location for a warm body to arrive and feed them. The CO2 you exhale is actually what wakes them up from long slumbers and reminds them how hungry they are.

Had enough? If not, check out this award-winning documentary on bed bugs that is sure to make you itchy. And if you are experiencing an infestation, seriously – call us today to rid yourself of the misery.