Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens

Spiders Long IslandIt can often be difficult to identify if the spiders are venomous or dangerous. Often a pest control company will use harmful and dangerous pesticides and poisons to eradicate infestations of spiders; however, Green Pest Services uses environmentally friendly pesticides so you don't have to worry about exposing your family, employees, or customers to dangerous chemicals. There are a variety of spiders found on Long Island, and in Brooklyn and Queens that can be venomous or aggressive. Brown recluse spiders, which have been identified in the New York area, can cause serious damage to your health, including necrosis of the flesh. 
Spiders BrooklynSpiders normally feed on other insects; however, they will sometimes invade buildings. Cold weather often drives spiders, as well as other bugs and rodents, indoors. Normal spiders found inside your builing on Long Island,  or in Brooklyn or Queens, are cobweb spiders, cellar spiders, sac spiders, and funnel web spiders. Normally, spiders lay eggs hatching dozens of spiders and often live for up to one year.
Spiders QueensHere are some great tips for preventing infestations of spiders:
  • Remove clutter and potential shelter from outside the home
  • Keep basement and crawl spaces free from debris and hiding places
  • Control other insects, as it can deter spiders by cutting off food sources
  • Caulk cracks and crevices on foundations that may allow spiders to enter your home
If you are experiencing infestations of spiders in your home or commercial property on the Long Island, or in the Brooklyn or Queens areas, contact Green Pest Services today at (516) 576-0200. Green Pest Services offers guaranteed pest control services, and possesses the experience and expertise you need to treat spider infestations.